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2011 December 10
tags: FurnishWEB · Websites
by Internet Databases

FurnishWEB has a great feature that allows you to upload  high quality photography, part sheets, assembly instructions  and more to  products and collections. Once uploaded they are automatically resized and can easily be integrated into a public website.  This saves  time and money as the images can reside on FurnihWEB and then be used anywhere you wish.  Why stop there?  Since the images and documnets are hosted and indexed.  They can be shared ( through timed secure links ) to an intranet, extranet, iPad App, Mobile Application, pretty much anywhere that has an internet connection.


Here are a few examples of sites that  our clients and Internet Databases have built using the image library:



Ligna Furniture


A site done by our friends at Chatmoss Web Systems:

Bassett Mirror Company

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